The Vision

My WordPress blog will be an online portfolio as suggested for class.

My first couple of posts are just silly ones to try things out. I like experimenting and playing around. This is how I learn best.Once I get things moving in a more forward direction I will probably take them down.

I want my blog to have the following elements:

     –About Me – This will have my mission statement, goals, contact information, my picture etc.


     –Writing and design samples

     -A page with a personal essay similar to a cover letter. This will also ahve a sidebar of my competencies and a slide show of my career-related experiences with audio to compliment that. (multimedia story No. 1)

     -Horses – Here I would like to explain my background in the equine industry. I will include photos, video, text and audio to thouroughly explore my passion. (multimedia story No. 2)

     -Lastly, I will have a page with posts. I will comment on the media and equine industries. I will make suggestions and pose questions as well as ideally create conversation. This will show how I am engaged in my field and how I can apply classwork to the real world. I am very excited about this part.

Feel free to add suggestions.


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