The Dream

I know the name of this post sounds cheesy but I want to talk about my dream jobs, my goals, and my plans to get there.

I have a deep, embedded passion for horses and I will be involved in that industry forever, regardless to if I work with equine or not.

I also have a vast interest in the relationship between traditional and new media and public relations. The way the professionals interact and behave. The way the industry fuctions and moves forward. The way it all works together to complete a common goal-to inform.

When asked what my dream job is, I immediately respond “to work in the communications and/or editorial departments at the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).” AQHA is a well-recognized organization within the equine industry with strong publications as well as huge membership numbers. I applied for an internship here and am still waiting to hear back. The headquarters are in Amarillo, TX which I’m really exicted for. I am definitely willing to travel for my job. I realize that as long as I am doing something I love, I will be happy wherever that may be.

I am not closed-minded though. I would be perfectly happy doing internal commincations or media relations for another organization.

I would also love to be a copyeditor for a large newspaper or magazine. I love editing. I really do. I know it sounds crazy, but taking a mess of a story and turning it into a really great piece is exciting to me. I get thouroughly energized by taking my colored pen to someone’s best work. I know it sounds a little demonic but there is no better feeling. And no worse feeling than when you miss an error in a deck head.

As much as I love communications and editing, the root of this all is in writing. I have a very distinct style that lies strictly on the journalism side of the spectrum. I have been told I write like a first-grader. I have also been told that my writing is “so intense and powerful, but so consise at the same time,” composition and literature professor, John Kengla. I call  it my style. I write (and speak) very bluntly. To the point. No messing around. No matter what direction my career leads me, I hope to be writing. It is challenging. It is exciting. It is satisfying.

Now, of course everyone has a dream job, but not very many people actually act on that dream. I have been work toward my goals since I was a child, leanring everything I can and being that over-ambitious student who asks questions and thinks outside the traditional box of rules(see sample). I have been taking journalism, public relations, general communications, and equine-related classes at Otterbein College (soon to be University). Ask any professor, I am the person pushing limits. My passion is what will lead me to my dream job. My passion forces learning. Learning sparks curiousity. Curiosity makes change.


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