The numbers

     This link is interesting because it opposes everything I have been hearing from professors and professionals lately. The article claims that newspapers aren’t doing as awful as we have been hearing.

     Yes, the economy has been tough on everyone and the newspaper business has been in the public eye concerning the downturn–layoffs, cuts and closures all together. But, I have seen that local newspapers are doing just fine.

     These media outlets offer something no one else can. Local news. No one else is telling those stories.

     It is similar to what I have heard about school newspapers. No matter what you report, report it well and tell the story of your generation through your generation’s eyes because no one else is writing this down. Not the college-published publications, not the local city publications, and not the students as individuals.

     We provide this to our audience. Local and loyal readers. Not even the NYTimes has this. This demand and supply will never die. No matter how the economy affects this industry, people who supply the news will always has jobs. We just have to find new ways of sustainability.


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